There are some exciting legislative developments happening in several states and our thoughts and support are with the Decoding Dyslexia chapters all across the country who are doing the important legwork to raise awareness and push for new laws.  
For Example:
Arkansas has a law that provides early screening and intervention to ensure children with dyslexia have their needs met by the public school system.

Indiana has pending legislation that would increase teacher training requirements at the college level to include the warning signs of dyslexia.

Utah has pending legislation that will create a pilot program to provide interventions for students with dyslexia.

Arizona has a bill that passed in the house and is pending in the Senate that includes a definition of dyslexia, defines appropriate interventions and provides an exemption for students with language learning disability from the third grade reading retention requirement.

Pennsylvania has begun a 3-year pilot program to measure how  early screenings and targeted evidenced based reading instruction will improve reading performance and reduce special ed referrals.

Connecticut has a law that amends the IEP form to include SLD/dyslexia as a primary disability and add dyslexia detection, recognition and evidenced based interventions to programming for new teacher preparation leading to certification.
Following in the footsteps of other states, we want to start making plans for “Dyslexia Advocacy Day at the Capitol” here in Georgia. This will be an amazing opportunity for parents, students and teachers to help educate our legislators on the facts about dyslexia and why early identification and proper instruction is so important.
We don’t have any dates set yet, but want to start pulling together a group of people interested in pursuing this. If you are interested in receiving updates as we begin finalizing plans and possible dates, please sign up here. We hope to recruit supporters from all over the state and appreciate anyone who is willing to step up and help us plan this important event.




February 21, 2015—

There is a lot happening very quickly regarding the reauthorization of ESEA/NCLB in Washington.  Here is some information from NCLD.org regarding issues that affect kids with learning and attention issues and a  link to their site for more information.

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