Screening for Dyslexia on a background of a chalk board with rainbow.

DDGA Screen to Intervene: The Case for Early Screening and Intervention for Dyslexia

Georgia DOE Dyslexia Page with Link to Current Dyslexia Handbook

A Video Interview with Dr. Nadine Gaab

Article by Dr. Hugh Catts and Tiffany Hogan on Early Identification and Intervention

Free Screening Resources from SREB

A Whitepaper on Screening for Dyslexia NCIL

Four Questions to Ask After Universal Screening NCIL

Dr. Joseph Torgeson on Identifying Kids before they Fail

MTSU Student Literacy Profile

MTSU Dyslexia Within RTI

Skills to Screen for in Kindergarten

The Science of Reading, An Overview by Dr. Jan Hasbrouck

Louise Spear-Swerling on Common Types of Reading Problems

NAESP RTI in Primary Grade Reading

Reid Lyon’s 10 Maxims: What We’ve Learned So Far About How Children Learn To Read (May 2023)

Red Flags Waving: Who Sees The Data?

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